"June’s vast experience in family law and her true commitment to the field and her clients stood out from the start. She is extremely hard working, and was always available for guidance and support, even when she was not in the UK. It was of upmost importance to us to be supported by a highly competent and extremely experienced solicitor, so we were very grateful to have found June. The fact that June has worked as a solicitor and a judge, and that she has represented both parents and social services in the past, meant that we were able to rely on balanced and well-informed legal support. Throughout the many months in which we were supported by June her enthusiasm for her profession and her commitment to our case never waned."

“I highly recommend June Venters. June Venters is calm, sharp, professional, experienced and very knowledgeable. She will thoroughly analyse the problem, quickly determine the most important issues, make a plan of action and execute both plan and problem. It’s good to have June on your side.”

June Venters QC has “excellent court room and client care skills.”

June Venters “Has worked hard and achieved a fantastic result for us.”

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside June in family law cases. June and I were opponents in two High Court Public Law cases involving non-accidental injuries and sexual abuse. In one of the cases June was representing a child who was an alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse who had learning disabilities. June is an extremely thorough and skilled Solicitor Queen Counsel and approachable whilst incisive in presenting her client's case and obtaining the best possible outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend June and look forward to working alongside her again in the future.”
Julie Okine, Barrister and Mediator

“Highly professional legal counsel suitable for for all family, private client and criminal disputes - highly recommended.”

“June is a punctilious practitioner who willl ensure every detail of your case is considered by herself, her colleagues and counsel.”

“I have worked on cases with June as an opponent in child care cases. I have always been impressed by her attention to forensic detail, and her ability to present a highly persuasive case, She works hard for her clients, always looking for the best possible result.”
Maud Davis, solicitor

“I have known June for twenty years. I have always been amazed by her commitment to her clients and her workload which is prodigious. Always keen to adapt to new technology and work methodologies, she has broken the mould for female solicitors on many fronts.
Andy Houldsworth

“June has an unrivalled depth of experience and expertise. She has also developed a first class team.”
Vicky Ling

“I have worked with June on several cases over a number of years and have found her to be not only an excellent advocate with a detailed knowledge of the relevant law but also very pragmatic in her approach. Her clients appear to get an excellent service based on realistic advice.”
Jane Dahill, solicitor

“I have known June for several years now, she is a QC with high integrity and her detailed approach and work ethics really does set her apart.”

“June is an extremely high calibre lawyer with a passion for ensuring that her clients (and their children) obtain the best possible outcome. She works tirelessly and fearlessly on their behalf and usually achieves an excellent result even when faced with complexity and formidable challenges. She runs her growing practice with the same diligence, dedication and care. And yet she remains approachable and user-friendly with astonishing humility”
Kim Tasso

“June provided us with concise information and advice. We have always found her to be extremely personable especially in difficult times.”
Jacqui Trott

“June is an excellent advocate for the underdog. Her sensitivity and yet professionalism are a valuable combination. I often recommend her to colleagues and clients.”
Donna Johnson

“I took full advantage of the excellent free consultation offer by June Venters QC as I was involved in a case which was giving me serious cause for concern and what little legal advice I had received had been contradictory and confusing. Mrs Venters was clear, concise, understanding and helpful and her advice made all the difference. Yesterday I won my case and will forever be grateful to Mrs Venters, anyone can take advantage of her weekly donation of her time, to the benefit of the Warlingham community and I am so glad to have had the benefit of her experience which was to prove worth its weight in gold”
Barbara Page

“My Husband and I visited Venture Solicitors for advice. in 2012 we saw and spoken to June about our problems, it was around fostering issues with one of the Local Boroughs. We took the advise she had given and came out victoriously. Please thank June Venture for giving support and advice! I am now seeking advice again from June Venture and hoping this time again it will be successful. Keep this advice service going because it is a tremendous support to our community and makes a big difference like it did to me! :)”

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