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Private Funding

What will it cost?

We have different pricing structures which means that we can decide with you what best meets your needs. This includes conventional advice and representation where you pay by the hour; Fixed Fees where you pay for the task in hand; Self Help Solutions where you remain a litigant in person and you meet with us as and when you require for advice only and or we assist you in court to represent yourself and a weekly Pro Bono Advice Surgery where we offer free legal advice and information.

Conventional advice/representation

This means that we charge by the hour but you receive a full service. We assume conduct of your case and we advise and represent you throughout at every step of the way. We provide you with regular fees estimates and ensure that we have regard to proportionality throughout. This means that we ensure that you are kept fully informed of the likely costs involved and help you to decide whether the costs involved meet the needs of the case.

Monies are always requested 'on account of costs.' Such monies are paid into a client account in your name and only when an invoice is rendered will those monies be transferred into the Practice account.

Interim Bills of Costs will be provided at regular intervals which will include full details of all work undertaken.

Fixed price legal services

Our solicitors recognise the importance and security provided by fixed price legal services. As such we are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of services which we can discuss with you on request.

The main purpose of a Fixed Price Service is to provide you with certainty as to costs.

You decide what you wish us to do on your behalf, for example, advice with regard to a particular task such as drafting documentation on your behalf or representing you at the police station or other prosecuting authority or court. You then pay for that particular task only for which we are instructed by you to act on your behalf. Once that task is complete you then decide whether you require us to undertake anything further on your behalf.

You engage us only for the task in hand and if it is necessary to undertake further work outside the task we will advise you of that necessity and you then decide whether you wish us to undertake such work on your behalf when you would then need to re-engage us for which you would be charged on a conventional hourly basis.

Self Help Solutions

This is where you remain a litigant in person. In other words, you act on your own behalf. However, from time to time and only when you think you need it, you meet with one of our solicitors for advice and assistance. This could be to advise you in relation to any forthcoming action that needs to be taken, such as attending court or it could be to assist you with regard to drafting letters and documentation such as court statements.

The main thing to note is that you are representing yourself. You pay for the services of one of our solicitors only for the time you meet with them. All work is undertaken with you during that meeting. No work is undertaken on your behalf by us after the meeting has concluded. You pay as you go for each meeting. It is your responsibility to ensure that you bring to the meeting any means of note recording such as a lap top or pen and paper because you will need to note the advice provided. We will not confirm such advice in writing unless you instruct us to do so when you would be required to pay for such a service in accordance with our hourly rates.

Initial Free Advice

If you are undecided as to whether you want to instruct a Solicitor, we offer Free Information and Advice at our Pro Brono Advice and Information Surgery at the Elizabeth Health Medical Practice in Warlingham, Surrey, CR6 9LF every Monday evening between 6.00pm and 8.00pm. No appointment is necessary and there is no obligation to instruct us should you require ongoing advice and representation.

Disclaimer: Venters Solicitors accepts no liability for the information and/or advice provided in either their 30 minutes free introductory meeting or Pro Bono Advice and Information Surgery, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of information and/or advice provided. The reason for this disclaimer is because the purpose of this appointment is to provide an overview of the type of service you may require and the options available. It will not include receipt of detailed instructions which would be necessary in order to make a professional judgement of the case in hand. Accordingly, appointments are only offered on this basis..