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Venters Family Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

From April 2011 the majority of people making an application to the court for Family Matters such as for Financial Settlement or Maintenance in relationship to divorce or for any matters of Child Contact or Residence will need to have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.

The government fully supports the view, long held by the mediation profession that in most cases there is a better way to resolve differences than to ask a judge to make decisions. The majority of court applicants are unaware of the degree to which they are handing over their decision making to a third party and thereby reducing their own chances of reaching agreement without an enforced order. Of course there are some situations where it is not possible for parties to work together to find a solution, an example of which would be where there has been proven and serious domestic violence or where there are serious child protection issues.

Research has clearly shown that where parties can make agreements outside of court, with the assistance of a mediator who is highly trained in helping the parties to identify their issues, explore their options and develop reality tests proposals, then the parties are more likely to own the decision making and to stand by what they have proposed. This frequently can mean that children continue to enjoy both parents working together for their good rather than taking positions in a court room.

The parties usually attend the Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings separately. The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting may last around 1hour. Meetings are free for any party eligible for Legal Aid and may or may not progress to full mediation dependant upon whether clients wish to use mediation and whether mediation is suitable to both the case and the clients. For privately funded clients the cost of a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is £108.00 [inc vat]

Our mediators are happy to speak to each party briefly before the assessment meeting to answer any questions you may have, however the mediator must at all times remain impartial.

At Venters we believe that mediation is not always simply an alternative to the legal route but frequently works well alongside the legal route. At Venters we have a strong working relationship with local solicitors and will be pleased to assist you in whatever way we can.

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